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Every year, billions of dollars in lottery winnings go unclaimed for a variety of reasons. Lottery Live is an interactive lottery ticket management app that will virtually ensure that you never miss out on your lottery prize, whether it is the jackpot, $100,000.00, $10.00 or a free ticket. The first of its kind, Lottery Live, using its unique number recognition software, allows you to take a picture of your lottery ticket and upload it to our server, or simply manually enter your numbers. Upon the lottery drawing, Lottery Live will automatically check your played numbers against the winning numbers and notify you immediately of any winnings and the amount. Not in a familiar area and need to get your ticket? No problem. Lottery Live has a GPS-based store finder to bring you right to the front door of the nearest lottery retailer. Finally, enjoy 24/7, real-time access to your favorite lottery and check the latest jackpot, or simply choose to receive push notifications of your lottery information. Lottery Live has taken the guess work out of managing your lottery tickets and increasing your chances of never missing out on what you deserve.

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